Something to slather: EOS Lip Balm

So to let you know a little bit more about me, I must tell you that I love love to put product on my lips. I carry around an unnecessary amount of lip gloss/balms on a daily basis. Some of which seem to only decorate my purse. But this is one has held my attention for longer than usual. EOS Lip Balm. I picked this up at Duane Reade here in NYC, but I know its also available at CVS and probably other retailers as well. I was first drawn to the design of it (It comes in an ergonomic little pod, and the product itself is rounded), but I really liked the fact that it was 99% natural. It goes on nicely, and has a bit of a scent (I tried the Summer Fruit flavor). I must say it doesn’t stay on forever. It’s not as waxy as say, a Burt’s Bee’s balm, but that’s fine for me. My friend, on the other hand, was bothered by having to reapply to quickly. But hey, when your balm looks as lovely as this, you don’t mind being watched during a touch up!

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