Ambi Soft & Even Skin Tone Enhancing Moisture Cream Review

Hmm. Well, I got this gem in my goodie bag from a Shecky’s GNO event in 2010. I’ll start out with the positive. This product feels really nice going on. It’s rich and creamy and really feels like its soaking into those tough spots (elbows, heels, etc.), but the downfall is what’s next. IT STINKS!!! I tried. I really did. I slathered it on myself in hopes that the stench would dissipate. Sadly it didn’t. At least not for quite a while. I could hardly stand the smell of myself.

If you can stand the odor, this product is nice. I threw it out before I could test its effectiveness on skin tone so I can’t comment on that, but I strongly suggest sniffing before you buy! Sorry Ambi.

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