What happened to Milani? Ethnic marketing and the mainstream

I recall years ago when Milani cosmetics started popping up in Walgreens. It was exciting to see a new drugstore line that was geared towards “women of color”. They had a great selection of highly pigmented colors and it seemed like companies were really interested in the “ethnic” market. After seeing the line expand to target and other mass retailers I now question, What happened to Milani?
When I see Milani products in stores lately, they still have the same bright colors, but it seems their message has changed. I’ve noticed that there are no longer references to women of color. Their tagline now reads “Color with Impact” (interesting twist). Also, the models look more caucasian than before (IMHO). I guess what I really wonder about is the reason for the change. Let’s be clear, I can only assume. But I wonder if the mainstream consumer is turned off by cosmetic lines with ethnic messaging. Will non-ethnic consumers (for lack of a better term) not consider a good product just because it isn’t labeled for them?
I for one, will use whatever works, but that may because people of color have had to adapt to whatever they could find for so long. We didn’t have the luxury of ignoring products that didn’t have our images attached.
How do you shop? How much do the marketing images and words affect what you buy?

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  1. ok now that you mention it I do notice they changed up their marketing a bit…while we would have loved for it to gain in popularity while remaining a line geared towards w.o.c., I dont think they lost anything. the products are still super pigmented and work well with our range of tones. Perhaps they just wanted to reach more of the market share. Wouldnt hurt for them to put more of "us" in their ads though…thanks for this!

  2. I totally agree Shana. They do still have highly pigmented eyeshadow, lipcolor, etc. and I will continue to buy from them. I was however disappointed in couple of items such as their HD concealer. None of those colors are usable for me. I say, grow your market, while still supporting colors for those who helped you from the start!

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