My ridiculous IMATS preparedness

As with any exciting event that happens in my life, I embark on copious amounts of OCD-style preparation before hand. Why would IMATS NYC this weekend be any different? I’ve averaged out tips from online resources, analyzed my current inventory, and investigated the vendors involved. I’m now ready to share with you the foolishness that is my IMATS prep.

1. I’m bringing a small purse

You may notice this little gem from my last post about orange trending this season. Being in New York for over 3 years, I’ve grown accustomed to carrying a big purse to throw all my crap in. Like flat shoes and such. I’ll be wearing this crossbody from Forever 21 to IMATS instead.

2. I’m wearing something comfortable. Preferably made of spandex.

3. I’ve got a wishlist! While I probably won’t buy all these items, its possible, and I definitely want to look and poke at them at least. 

  • Inglot 10 pan eyeshadow palette:
    • I like the look of the squarish pans, but the round ones are cheaper. Then again my sister swears that I won’t be able to get the round ones out of the palette once they’re in. Decisions Decisions. I’ve taken the extraordinarily anal step of making a palette layout, just so I know exactly what I need. Its also so I won’t freak out from all the selection and get three of the same color or something weird. As you can see, I’ve decided to have a row of bright matte shadows, and a row of more subdued pearl shades. I know. It’s crazy: 

  •  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics    
    • I want to get two lip tars. A few contenders are Demure, Anime, and NSFW 
    • Also want to have a look see at their pigments.
  • Brushes: 
    • I’m looking for a decent sized stippling brush, a nice lip brush, a soft chubby chisel brush, and a big floofy face brush.

  • Ms. Adoro’s $1 lashes

  • . Inglot full metal brow pencil?
  • Nurturing force eye base

  • Parian spirit brush cleaner @ Naime’s

  • A beauty blender

  • Some type of highlighter for the face

  • Mehron Items:
    • Mehron Celebre Pro HD foundation
    • Lip Cream
    • Cheek Cream
    • Barrier Spray

4. I’ll be dressing light: I hate carrying coats around , so i’ll layer lightly to cut down on 

the bulk.

5. I’ll have a floorplan list prepared. I haven’t made it yet, but I assume it will sort of resemble an NFL playbook.

 6. Practicing my stank face: I think I’m a very nice person, but anyone who’s been to a Shecky’s event knows that the novelty being in a room packed with hundreds of other women ready to shop soon loses its luster after say, 10 minutes. So in preparation, I’m practicing the art of letting someone know that they shouldn’t think of pushing me, without saying any words…

I think that’s all for now. I’ll add any more preparation ideas if they pop up in the coming days. If anyone else has some ideas, I’d love to hear those too!


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