The After IMATS Report!: Part 1

So after all the prepping and waiting, IMATS Weekend finally arrived. I attended with my mom and sister and we had a great time. So many goodies to look at, and so many decisions to make! I’ll give you a run down.

Doors opened at about 8:30 and we got there around 7:45. There were already some folks in line ahead of us, but it didn’t take long for the line to grow behind us.

As soon as we made our way to the selling floor of the venue, we headed to the INGLOT booth. I started to get overwhelmed with all the gorgeous colors and products, but I stuck to my guns and my printed palette . That print out came in hand actually since I was able to just handed to the rep and she put the colors together for me. You can see her using it in the pic above. Super helpful, guys! It prevented me from having to say a bunch of “excuse me”s while looking for the pans myself. I did deviate a little bit once I saw that one of my selections (388) was really close to (379). The color I ended up with is pretty darn close to another mac color I already have, but it looks pretty in my palette anyhow.

After that, I went straight to my second priority, the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics booth.  As you will see in my haul, I’m an absolute sucker for color, so their gorgeously pigmented lip tars and pigments really captivated me.  And of course I had to take a picture with Ms. Lauren the Queen of Blending. She was a sweetie btw. I’m sure all the picture taking and what not can get hectic.

Mehron Cosmetics

Lighting from Glamcor

Model at the Kett booth

No, Jake! Noooo!

Eve Pearl

Update: Here’s a screen shot from the Eve Pearl class

The highlight of the day for me, was having the pleasure of being a model for Eve Pearl’s bridal class. I was lucky enough to be around when she was looking for volunteers, and hey, it’s not everyday you get to have your face beautified by an Emmy Awarding makeup artist! My sister recorded the whole thing on her iphone and Eve’s photogs and video people along with the attendees captured my finished look, so I’m sure between all that, I should have some pics/video of that soon. I only have this home shot for now šŸ™ . It was a lot of fun. Ladies approached me throughout to day to compliment Eve’s work and I have to admit that the look made me feel glamorous. It stayed on all day too. 10 hours at least. And I couldn’t help but tell everyone how light it all felt, even though it looked as if she was layering on the foundation. After the class, I went back to her booth to take more pictures and purchase a salmon concealer of my own. She even threw in a lip gloss for letting her use my face. I also plan on buying her liquid eyeliner in the future. It has a real brush tip (not that annoying felt mess) and goes on perfectly and does not budge!

Overall I had a great time. The 82 Mercer venue was spacious enough for the size of the show, but Im hoping they will move to a bigger space next year if they plan on having a larger show. I was sad to see that Make Up Forever was absent, along with NYX, but I honestly just stayed within my budget so it wasn’t a huge deal. I’ll be doing a part 2 to this that will include my haul and (hopefully) some images from my Eve Pearl experience. Can’t wait till next time!

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