In love with that Kitty from Japan: Hello Kitty things I’m hearting

For quite some time now, I’ve had an affinity for all things Hello Kitty. I remember going to the Sanrio store in the mall and pawing all the pink goodies and even eying some of the other characters (chococat anyone?). Luckily I’m able to act on that love as an adult now. Here are some Kitty wares that have recently caught my eye.

I juuuust got an email about these in my email. I’ve never worn Docs before, but the fun characters on these keep the mood light. I could see pairing these with a stretchy cobalt blue skirt I have. Available for $124.95 from Nordstrom.

What’s better than cuteness for a good cause? Available at Urban Outfitters and Sanrio stores for 10 bucks. I’ll be picking up one of these tomorrow.


Yeah, I don’t need to even say words.

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