Physicians formula Haul, mini review, and CVS coupon

As some of you may know, Ms. Glam Life Guru (She has really great videos and gives the scoop on deals at CVS, Rite aid, etc., so check her out) let us all in on a coupon that she picked up from Raininghotcoupons.com for $5.00 off any Physicians formula product at any store. Recently CVS had a 40% sale on all PF products, so that led to some cheap (or free if you’re not in NY) items. This coupon can be used in combination with store type coupons and can also be used as many times as you want in a transaction. One coupon per item though. My sister actually passed all this on to me, and I decided to take advantage. Here’s what I got:

I didn’t go too crazy with the coupons, partly because i didnt realized you could use more than one per visit. Another reason is Physicians Formula doesn’t really consider the beauty needs of darker skinned women (Giving you the side eye for that, PF). There are some items, though where skin color doesn’t matter. For instance the their Organic Wear Jumbo Lash mascara. It comes in a flash green metallic looking case and sports a large brush with plastic “bristles”.

Anyone who’s a fan of Covergirl Lash Blast mascara (Me Me Me!) will be familiar with this type of brush. The difference is in the formula. Organic Wear is labeled as having 100% natural origins and 100% free of nasties such as dyes, harsh chemicals, etc.

As for how this works on my lashes, I will not be replacing my CG Lash Blast. This mascara acts like it in some ways (the separation of lashes, the bristles, the length, but it doesn’t give me as much volume. It also seems more prone to smudging and water smearing. For under $2.00 with coupons and discounts, though, I’ll use this tube up and save the other for a back up.

Another find is the PF Eye Booster. This liquid liner pen is supposed to be a 2-n-1 formula that lines and also contains a serum to lengthen your lashes and what not. I can’t comment on the lash boosting aspect, but I’m liking the liner.

The liner uses a real brush tip like a fine liner brush, and not the typical felt that can dry out easily. This tip is easier to control than liners i’ve used in the past and is a good dupe for the Eve Pearl liquid liner, although I’m not sure if its as durable. This comes off easily when washing my face, but doesn’t leave me with raccoon eyes at the end of the day. Thats a BIG plus for me. I got two of these to have on hand, but I’d still like to get the Eve Pearl version at a later time.

The last item I picked up was the PF Happy Booster blush in “Natural”. I debated this one since it wasn’t as cheap as the other products, but the hearts looked so cute, I had to try it. I knew this wouldn’t be a blush for me, but I figured it could at least be a highlighter. It barely shows up on me though. They also have this in bronzer and translucent poweder, but I was doubtful about those showing up on me as well.

You can just barely see this on my skin, but it does have a nice glow.

Rite Aid and the other drug stores have been having discounts on PF every week recently, so check out Glam Life Guru to get that coupon on youtube or Facebook, or head on over to raininghotcoupons.com and find it in the search!



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