Mehron Celebre Pro HD Foundation review and Swatches

 Finally I’m doing this review! Before I attended the IMATS here in NYC, I had heard read so many good things about Mehron’s Celebre Pro HD foundation, that I HAD to pick it up. Its cheap as all get out at 9.95 (about 8.95 at the show), so i figured I couldn’t go wrong. I’ve been wanting and HD foundation for a while and while I love MUFE’s HD foundation in 178, It’s $40 price tag had me wondering if it was worth it. After seeing a glowing review from Wayne Goss, I decided I’d go for it. They initially gave me the wrong color at the show, so i ordered the right color from ebay.

Left: The cover i was given mistakenly  Right: A much more appropriate color for me.

I’ve been wearing this foundation almost daily lately, and I must say I really like it. While I still enjoy using my MAC Face and Body foundation, I sometimes want something with more coverage, like this. The idea of using a cream foundation really turned me off at first, but this feels very light on my skin. I don’t experience more mid day oiliness than usual using this, but you definitely need to set this with a finishing powder.

Another thing i really like about this foundation is that it blends quite easily. I blend the two colors together for highlighting and contouring when needed without any hassle.

A bit of foundation and moisturizer

Foundation and moisturizer blended into a tinted moisturizer

It warms up easily to your body temperature and you can mix it with moisturizer or a mixing medium to make for a more sheer application. You have to mix a bit more to achieve this with the moisturizer but its quite doable. Just make sure you don’t try to use too much moisturizer at once. A small spatula is great if you have it!

Dark 2
Medium Dark 1

Nice range of skin colors

Again, you can’t go wrong with this stuff. It’s oil free, paraben free, and contains pomegranate extract and aloe to nourish the skin. Give it a try!

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