A look at the OCC Tints Launch and swatches

 Hi there! Last Friday I attended the launch of OCC Tint, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic’s new tinted moisturizer, at Wonderland beauty parlor in NY. While I was there, I discovered that Wonderland carries the OCC makeup line full time. News to me, so I was excited about that.

OCC Tints are tinted moisturizers that can be applied by hand or with a sponge or brush for your sheer HD coverage. If you’re not using these on a client, then your own little fingers are probably the best way to go. Testing these out, they were super light and felt cool on the skin, went on quite nicely, and absorbed much like a water based moisturizer would. They come in a convenient and sanitary 1oz. squeeze bottle

At $25 for 1oz., I initially thought the tints were pricey, but looking at it compared with other high quality tinted moisturizers such as Laura Mercier’s ($42,1.5oz), it seems like a pretty good price.

The shade range for these is a bit limited if you have darker skin. But, don’t get me wrong, you’ll be able to match your color, you  just may have to mix a couple shades, as I did with R5 and R4. Each shade is labeled as either R or Y, representing red and yellow undertones. If you’re buying the OCC tints as a pro set, you should be able to match most skin tones easily.
Note: The coverage is sheer, so a shade may not have to be absolute perfection to do the job.

My wish list for this product: Would love it if this had an SPF included and It would be nice if I had a match straight out the bottle.

Summary: OCC Tints are great tinted moisturizers for sheer HD Coverage. And although they don’t contain SPF, their feather weight ensures quick and easy layering over your own sunscreen. Definitely a helpful thing to pick up for summer, but make sure you can get away with one shade if you have darker skin.

OCC Tints, $25 each and also available as a set, at occmakeup.com

Some extra tidbits…

Here’s a peek at the other OCC items available at Wonderland Beauty Parlor and the shop itself:

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