Teqa NYC: Winner for the most beautiful margarita

Photo courtesy of Teqa NYC

A couple of weeks ago I had a fun filled dinner date with a few fun lady friends (say that three times fast). The location of choice: Teqa restaurant. A muy fancy taqueria located in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan. This place boasts gorgeous decor, a wide selection of premium tequilas, delicious tacos, and other fine selections. As we feasted, i enjoyed one of the most beautiful beverages i’ve had in some time. It’s looks are simple, yet refined. And its complex taste left my palette wanting more. I present to you…

The Hibiscus & Rose Margarita
This concoction made of hibiscus-infused tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime, rosewater mist, and hibiscus salt, is by far the most beautiful and exotic margarita I’ve had, and that, my friends, deserves some type of award. Do you agree?

The lovely and delicious Hibiscus and Rose Margarita

More gluttony after the jump!

Also, at the end of the meal, We ordered a massive amount of dessert, although we didn’t intend to. Yes, the waitress said that the Sundae we ordered with our other two desserts was big, but we thought, surely 5 women (1 of which was pregnant) could finish it all off.

Aaaaand we were wrong. Well sorta.

Done and done.

After it all, I felt as if I was Napoleon in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

I had a great time at Teqa. Debauchery and all. Can’t wait to go back!

p.s. Their queso fundido…droooool.

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