Nivea celebrates it’s New Hydra IQ Technology, and so do I!

I’ve been known to have multiples of everything. There’s so much out there to explore and its hard to stick to one product. I love trying different potions and creams and even make them myself occasionally. But sometimes you just want to walk into a drugstore and have a great go to product. For me, that’s the Nivea line.

I recently rediscovered the greatness that is Nivea, so I was excited to attend their Nivea Hydra IQ Influencer Lounge in the Penthouse of the Cooper Square Hotel in NYC. We indulged in cocktails, treats and complimentary manicures using this deep moisturizing technology featured in Nivea’s latest line of products. It was an immersive experience where attendees had the chance to take photos, share their Nivea experiences through video confessionals.

Stylist/Designer Phillip Bloch

Moisturizing manicures featuring Nivea’s Hydra IQ products

All I knew before was that I loved it, but now let’s get to some facts about what makes Nivea’s Hydra IQ technology such a winner:

NIVEA HYDRA IQ’s patented moisturizing technology works to balance the skin’s moisture level. Hydra IQ supports the skin’s hydration system and the transfer of moisture throughout 
the skin. Promoting water transfer throughout the moisture network results
in superior, longer-lasting skin hydration.
HYDRA IQ is the next generation in moisturization technology that
intelligently delivers moisture where it is needed, resulting in smoother,
silkier and softer skin. Benefits include:
• Uniquely moisturizing from above AND within the skin
• Unleashing long-lasting moisture that lasts more than 24 hours
• Smoothing and softening skin with daily use

What I’m using right now: I’ve been loving the Nivea Express Hydration lotion and Touch of Smoothness body wash (pictured above). Both make my skin feel soft and moisturized and the body wash does so WITHOUT feeling like there’s a film left on my skin. Super important for me. And since its summer time, I’m also using the Nivea Skin Firming Moisturizer (Not in the Hydra IQ lineup but a part of the rest of their impressive lineup). When it’s hot we show more skin, so I want to make sure to keep that skin nice and firm!

Products containing NIVEA HYDRA IQ technology is available at all food,
drug and mass merchandisers nationwide in the following new products:

NEW! NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion, $8.99 (SRP) for 13.5 oz
NEW! NIVEA Express Hydration Freshening Gel, $7.99 (SRP) for 13.5 oz
NEW! NIVEA Touch of Cashmere Body Wash, $5.99 (SRP) for 16.9 fl oz
NEW! NIVEA Touch of Serenity Body Wash, $5.99 (SRP) for 16.9 fl oz
NIVEA HYDRA IQ technology will also be available in the existing NIVEA
Smooth Sensation, Essentially Enriched, and Happy Sensation Body
Lotions and NIVEA Body Washes

For further information about NIVEA HYDRA IQ technology and other NIVEA products, visit www.NIVEAusa.com

Note: My views for this review are based on products that I purchased myself and my opinion is has not been influenced by any payment or freebies.

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