A couple of gifts from Jewel Mint

Jewelmint founders Cher Coulter and Kate Bosworth

My dear mother sent me a couple of gifts from, The jewelry site from Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter. She had a couple of credits I think so she sent me some goodies!

“Edie” necklace and “Water Lily” ring

These are pretty cool. I like the hippiness of the ring. Reminds me of Lucky Brand jewelery, which I love. And the necklace is sort of mod 60’s style. A touch of Barbarella maybe? The quality of the jewelry is o.k. Its not as solid as Lucky Brand or Kenneth Cole. Closer to H&M and Forever 21 in my opinion. Its hard to really tell when I only have a couple of pieces to base this on. Either way, the design selection is definitely more adult based and not teeny bopper style. I hope to report back more as I try more of their pieces.

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