The Lip Tar experiment: Clear, Tarred, Anime, Hoochie

Experiments! Experiments! I love Experiments!
I purchased my first tastes of OCC Lip Tars at IMATS NYC a couple of months ago. And while I fell in love with the colors immediately, I realized they were a little too “couture” for me to wear in the light of day. Since the Lip Tars are so mixable, I decided I needed pick up “Tarred” to calm the colors down a bit. I also did a bit of mixing with the clear lip tar as well.

I started out with Lip Tars in Anime, Hoochie, Tarred, and Clear

The colors without flash
The original colors…

Anime at full blast
Cool for pictures. Not quite as cool for a Saturday stroll in Manhattan (for me at least)
Hoochie at full blast. Its a little difficult to see the difference between the two, but there is a difference.
Now for the mixing…

I pretty much ended up doing a blend of all the colors with Hoochie serving as the base. Tarred brought the color down a bit and the Clear tar added a little bit more transparency to the mix. Note that when mixing these colors, you only need at tiny tiny bit. Use the tiniest part of your brush to pick up a super small dot to start with.

The finished, mixed product. As you can see, the color is deeper and a bit more sheer. I would definitely say if you’re going to start a Lip Tar collection, Tarred and Clear are a MUST. For some, Feathered (white) will also be essential. These are fun to mix and play with and those extra colors will really help the Tars be more versatile.

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