Today’s Drool: Ephiphanie camera bags for stylish women

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Since I’ve been blogging, my passion for photography has been reignited. It was my major in college and then I got into art direction and just stopped for some reason. Now that I’ve become obsessed with entering every camera giveaway known to man to acquire a fancy new digital SLR, I’ve been doing a lot of research and I stumbled up on these!

Epiphanie bags are feminine, stylish bags, for ladies who hate the clunky “man bag” type of camera cases usually available. They look just like cute purses on the outside, but inside they are outfitted for serious photographers. The bags are gorgeous and the photography on the website is as well.

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Since I’m sure I”ll be winning a giveaway for a Cannon 7D, or Cannon 5D Mark 5, or Nikon D3100, or some other fancy camera very soon (It’s on my vision board), I’ll also be needing one of these to complete the picture. Get it? Complete the picture. Nevermind.

Pick up one of these nifty bags for yourself at

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