Hood Beauty Find: Sea Gems manicure on natural nails

On my latest trip to one of the local beauty supply shops, I picked up a product that caught my eye. Glam & Glits Sea Gems. These jars of brightly colored crushed shells allow youto create dynamic 3D nail art. I originally thought these were for acrylic nails only, but I found a great tutorial on youtube that proved otherwise. I’ll post it if I can find it again.

I chose two colors in Diamond and Royal.

To customize the color a bit, I mixed the two shades together in one of the lids. This also makes it easier to control the amount you’re working with.

To get the look follow these steps:

1. Apply basecoat to all nails.

2. Apply 1st coat of color to all nails.

3. Apply 2nd coat of color to the nails on one hand. This was my last coat and your last coat will vary depending on preference and polish. You only want to do one hand at a time so that the polish still has tackiness to adhere to the shells.

4. Place the shells on your nails in your desired pattern. It was easier for me to sprinkle them on and press them down to set with my finger.

5. Once the shells are in place, finish with your preferred top coat.

6. Let dry of course!

I’m not the best at doing more own nails cuticle wise, but you only see the imperfections when you’re really up close so I think I’m ok lol.


I was really pleased with the outcome from using the Sea Gems. I was able to get a look that was a bit edgy and chaotic which I love. If there are any edges that are sharper thank you’d like, you can try filing them down a bit once the finish is completely dry. And be careful if you’re going to wear any tights or stockings with these. Rip city!

Hope you enjoyed and have the info to try this fun mani yourself!

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