Cynthia Rowley makes July THE month to be a Birchboxer

UPDATE: This limited edition Birchbox is now available if you sign up through July 15th!!!

I’ve debated getting a Birchbox subscription for a while now, and I finally decided I could no longer live without it. If you don’t know already, Birchbox is a service for $10/mo that sends you a cute box of 4-5 deluxe beauty samples every month. They work with companies like NARS, Kiehls, Stila and more, to bring you a beauty fix on a regular basis. If you like what’s inside, you can purchase the full size item for a discounted price. And as was the case with the June Birchbox, you may even score a full sized product.

I just signed up this month so my first box will arrive in July. I was already excited about it, and got even more excited when they announced that Cynthia Rowley would be selecting the items for July’s box! AAAAh! Here’s more info on this collabo box from Peope StyleWatch…

Cynthia Rowley obviously has an eye for style, but what are her beauty passions? The answers are revealed in the latest Birchbox, which the designer packed with surprises like her favorite hair product, brow pencil and snack (yum!) and wrapped in a custom print. The box, $10 through the subscription-based service, is available to those who sign up at birchbox.com through June 30. Though Rowley wouldn’t tell PEOPLE what’s in her Birchbox, she did hint at some of her makeup faves. “I never go a day without Redken Water Wax,” she admits. “But otherwise I’m really low-maintenance. It’s really just mascara, red lipstick and liner in my bag.” The designer, who used to melt Crayola crayons to make her own cosmetics as a child, says that to her, makeup is an integral part of any runway show. “I’m inspired every season,” she tells PEOPLE. “It has the power to change the whole look of the collection.” In addition, Rowley is launching a limited edition Birchbox called ‘Tip to Toe Treats,’ available for $38 beginning July 11. The package includes nail strips she designed, plus “giant” trial sizes of bath salts, body scrub and more. “I may not spend a lot of time doting on beauty,” she says, “but I do think it’s important to have your staples.”

Be sure to sign up with Birchbox by July 30th to get this special edition box!

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