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5 Fully Fashionable Headphones you’d be caught dead in

fWe all know that the techy gadgets we carry have become fashion statements as much as what we wear. And now, even our gadgets’ gadgets need to match our style. People going about their day with headphones in their ears is a ubiquitous sight these days. Especially in busy cities. When you’re wearing something that close to your face, you have the tendency to want it to look good. Here are 5 headphones that deliver great sound and great looks…

Ultimate Ears 100 by Logitech- Designed by sound engineers, these earbuds are available in 5 designs. They provide superior acoustics and are a steal at $19.99. Learn more.

These funky Monster Cable Heartbeats by Lady Gaga in-ear headphones provide deep bass and low distortion at loud levels, delivering accurate sound without the noise leakage for about $150. Street fashion cred included. As a plus, the Monster Cable Control Talk feature allows you to sync with your iPhone or iPod. Learn more.

Audiophiles and fashionistas alike will be able to appreciate the beautiful trumpet inspired design of these Miles Davis Trumpet headphones. Also by Monster Cable, These buds are guaranteed to bring out the complexities your music AND your personality. These also come with the Control Talk feature. If you’d like to reserve a pair for yourself, that’ll be $349.95, please. Learn more.

These House of Marley People earbuds are crafted from bamboo and recycled plastics. They come in 3 color options and sport a fabric coated cable and gold plated plug. Will be available for $49.99 in Fall 2011.

For maximum style on a minimal budget, put the Sony MDR-ZX100’s on your radar. These futuristic looking pair still deliver decent sound quality for the low price of $19.99, while looking like they’d cost a whole lot more. Learn more.

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