Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream review

Hi all! I’ve been out of town so for the next few days I’ll be pumping out some posts to make up for the work-induced neglect.

One post I’ve been wanting to do for a bit is Jane Carter Solution’s Curl Defining Cream. I picked up a sample jar of this at a natural hair event and thought I’d give it a go. Upon examining it, I noticed the cream had a pleasant herby kind of scent. I know that’s not a word. It also had a thick texture. Most creams designed to weigh down tightly coiled or kinky hair, like this one, are quite thick, and take lots of time to dry, so I was curious how things would turn out.

My method:

I washed my hair in 4 sections as normal and conditioned. I did all my detangling in the shower and after i rinsed, I added a little Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner for a quick leave in. I’m sure you can use any other leave-in you’d like instead.

Once out of the shower, I proceeded to apply the cream in sections to my wet hair. I kept a towel around my shoulders, to catch any water. For those who don’t know, YOU SHOULD NEVER TOWEL DRY YOUR CURLY HAIR. BLOTTING ONLY! It keeps your cuticle happy and your hair frizz free. I was a bit generous with the stuff my first application. Pulling the cream through my strands and adding a bit more to areas that are known to be uncooperative. After that I let it be. The only manipulating I did was shaking my head around periodically. DON’T GO FUTZING WITH YOUR WET CURLS! IT’S TEMPTING, BUT IT WILL MAKE THEM FRIZZY! Ok. Enough yelling from me. Here’s how it came out…

My hair with JCSCDC in my wet hair:

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I look like storm! Where’s my iris?!

My hair with JCSCDC after it dried:

What I really liked about this product is that it was moisturizing and gave weight to my hair without any greasiness. It also dries pretty quickly. After running an errand outside, my hair was almost completely dry. It will have a hint of crispiness once dry, but don’t fret. That often happens when I do a wash and go. Just take a bit of your favorite styling milk or light cream and scrunch out the crispies after your hair has dried. 2nd (and 3rd and so on) day hair was no problem when refreshing using the same scrunching method.

I’m going to call this product a winner in my book. At about $34 retail, I wish it were cheaper, but I got 2 1/2 uses out of a 1oz sample. The full jar is 16oz and comes with a convenient pump top. As always, this product worked for me, but may not work for everyone. Hopefully you can achieve great results like I did!

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