The Apricot Brown Book Launch -Teaching kids to love the skin they’re in

While I love to talk about what we can do to beautify ourselves, it’s important to acknowledge that beauty starts from within. I recently had the chance to attend the book launch of Apricot Brown at the beautiful Broad Street Ballroom. This was a high energy, multicultural day of fun to celebrate this lively character that teaches children to love the diversity around them and embrace who they are. Kids today have friends that come from so many different backgrounds and cultures. When they all blend together, it’s important for them to know that they don’t have to fit in any one box, and Apricot Brown, Miss Undefinable herself, is the perfect role model to teach that.
At the event, author and empowerment expert Dana Drucker-Solano was on hand to give insight into her creation of Apricot Brown and why her message is so important. Dana also filled us in on her own personal style and we had the chance to hear her makeup artist explain her makeup look for the day, which was the upbeat, confident personification of the Apricot Brown character. Check out the video interview below.
Throughout the event, Dana shared her dynamic personality with a slew of kids in attendance. Children had the opportunity to listen intently to the Apricot Brown story and enjoy dancing, acrobatics, and more! It was an absolute wonderland for these little ones. Be sure to visit ApricotBrown.com to explore this charismatic character and share her with a young person you love. There you can purchase the Apricot Brown – Miss Undefinable book, as well as on Amazon.com.

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Author Dana Solano and the Apricot Brown audience
Auther Dana Solano with the cast members performing  Apricot Brown
Apricot Brown audience
Acrobat moves from the show

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