Ciara tears it up at the Malibu Rum Station Invasion Tour

All photos by Fred Sly Photography

The New York leg of Malibu’s Station Invasion tour touched down in Ny York at the Southstreet Seaport and, let me tell you, it was hot! Not only were guests treated to Malibu’s new Dark Rum and edible treats hot off the grill, but we also were privy to an exclusive performance from the ATL dancing diva herself, Ciara. Delicious cocktails, DJ Skribble  and Ciara’s moves blended for an unforgettable evening of fun.

There was plenty of Malibu on hand (of course). The feature was the new Malibu Black Coconut Rum which is a 70 proof dark rum you can enjoy alone or mixed. I had it on the rocks and with ginger ale. Sooo good. Get more details on your new favorite rum here!

DJ Skribble keep the crowd hyped
Gorgeous view

Go ‘head Ciara!

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