Smart beauty finds from Votre’ Vu

Not long ago I was introduced to a new skin care bran called Votre Vu. I’m always searching for great ways to take care of my skin so I was happy to try it out at their “Vu Bar” when it traveled to NYC. I tried out several products from their huge lineup and I have to say that each one felt like a luxury experience. I sampled products that ranged from facial moisturizers to their beauty beverage and I wanted to take each of them home with me.

As a product whore, I indulge in the experience of using great products. The way it feels on my skin, the look of it, and the scent. Votre Vu’s products deliver highly in all categories. Let me take you through the items I’ve been most impressed with so far.


To start, this product is absolute genius! A spinoff of their original sized Duettes, these smaller versions take the same great idea of combing hand cream, lip balm and mirror, and put them into super portable sizes. This combo of their Luxe Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm and Tarte D’ Amande Hand Creme is perfect for anyone who’s experienced a long flight or just the hassle of finding your hand lotion and lip balm in a purse. If that sounds like you, you’ll definitely appreciate this. And since the Bebe Duettes are under 3 ounces, it’s TSA friendly for your traveling convenience. The hand creme supplies moisture, uva/uvb protection and a light almond scent. The lip balm moisturizes in either a clear or raspberry formulation (great for all skin tones) while also containing UV filters.

AMOUR D’ORE Les Vitamines Pour Vous:

I am so in love with this. This golden dry oil treatment contains precious oils and vitamins to leave your skin with a silky, satiny finish. I’ve tried other products that claim to be dry oils, but none have ever felt like this. It soaks in quickly without leaving any oily finish that could stain your clothes. You can also use it in your hair, on nails and other areas. Contains UVB filters for your protection. Use this multi-purpose oil for a beautiful glow all over. P.S. It’s perfect to apply right out of the shower! Divine.

 SnapDragon Beauty Beverage

The only negative about the SnapDragon beverage is that it is too good to stop drinking! SnapDragon is a blend of powerful anti aging super-fruits and botanicals featuring Mango, Pomegranate and Acai Berry juices, and a mix of teas (green, white, and gorgeous red). It includes seven daily vitamins plus Collagen, Aloe Vera, Foti, Ginkgo Biloba and Baobab Fiber to make an exotic beauty mix. No preservatives or sugars added. A daily serving is 8oz, but you my find yourself craving more.

FLEUR BLANC Tonic for All Skin

This moisturizing, soothing tonic tightens pores, and leaves  your skin ready for moisturizer or whatever is next in your beauty regimen. Delicately refreshing, it supports better cell exchange through strengthening and fortifying the skin, leaving your face soft and silky. The alcohol free essential water keeps your skin in prime condition without stripping or drying.

These are just a few of the available Votre Vu products that I’ve tried myself, but you can view their full range at and even learn how to become a brand ambassador. I’ll update you as I try more of their product line.

*Opinions are based on sampling and product supplied by Votre Vu. That in no way takes away from the honesty of my review or the awesomeness of the product.

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  1. Dear Jonique,

    Thank you for the wonderful review of products and for sharing with your readers! In case someone is looking for more detailed information, on each product page on the website there is a short video which discusses the key ingredients and shows how to use the product. Au revoir!


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