Spotlight on Curvy Kate – Beautiful Support for Beautiful Curves

As fashion week draws closer here in NYC, I’ve been pondering what to wear where, when, and how. We all do it for special occasions. But when trying to look your best, you have to start with whats underneath to attain the perfect Silhouette.

I recently discovered a brand that’s just starting to make its mark in the US by the name of Curvy Kate. This fun and flirtatious UK based brand crafts lingerie and swimwear ranging from D to K cups, and in a lively style. I’m a “blessed up top” girl myself (DD to E), and I know how hard it is to find great fitting undergarments that live up to the personality and curves I have to offer. Band sizes range from 28 to 44”, so they’re perfectly equipped to accommodate a variety of buxom babes. And while more bountiful bra sizes are usually limited in selection, Curvy Kate is made up of 11 ranges including the Showgirl collection which includes padded and plunge designs that have proved hard to find above a G cup. Hey, if you’ve got it, you want to show it off sometimes! 

“Every girl wants to look good in lingerie whilst remaining comfortable and being supported. With bust sizes continuing to grow in the UK, many lingerie brands just don’t have the range of sizes to accommodate for the demand and women have to opt for the wrong cup and back sizes just to get something that fits.” 

-Adriana Olszewska, Product Developer 

And to show their commitment to providing great fit for real life women (not mannequins), Curvy Kate has a unique way of finding their lovely models. All models used in their Fall/Winter catalog were found through their annual Star in a Bra model search. These ladies range sizes F to HH cups. Real life proof that Curvy Kate can do the job and do it well.


I’m smitten with this line and their attention to feminine detail. Their designs are so fun you may forget to put something on top! Anyone who is full busted knows how breakthrough this lingerie is, especially since its competitively priced at $65 to $73 for bras and $31 to $42 for briefs. If you know a friend, or a friend of a friend, who needs a more playfully young option for their curvy figure, you should immediately direct them to to view the full line.

And if you just HAVE to have some Curvy Kate in your life right now, they’ll be in these fine stores in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

    Zoe & CO in Concord, NH and Westerly, RI 
A Sophisticated Pair in Burlington, NC
Scarlet Label in La Mesa, CA
                              Creative Woman in Monrovia, CA                              

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  1. Thanks for linking to us! We are incredibly excited to receive the Curvy Kate line in the store not only because of its reputation for quality, comfort, and fit but also because of the beautiful, fun, and fashionable styles it offers. So much so, that as the store owner, I felt it was my duty to buy one of the bras myself. I told you I was excited! 😉

    For those in the NC area, here is our website address:

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