Finally! Get great looking gel nails at home with Red Carpet Manicure

Hello my dears! I get so excited when I’ve discovered something great, and this find is no exception. I recently met with the lovely people from Red Carpet Manicure that offer a system to get the long lasting gel nails that salons offer, except you can do it all at home. Now I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a system for gel nails before, but the price deterred me. With Red Carpet Manicure, the cost of getting a beautiful, long lasting manicure at home is down right cheap!

Two of the most notable differences between this system and salon gel nails, is the vast color selection. There are currently 36 colors currently available including some of the hottest colors for Fall. And to make things even more attractive, more colors will be released in the new year, just in time for fun spring nails. Another difference is these gel nails cure with an LED light, so you don’t have to worry about UVA/UVB rays harming the delicate skin on your hands.


The process is easy as pie and almost identical to what you do already (except it can last weeks instead of just days). And again, super affordable! To get started, a RCM starter kit costs $57.94, or just $2.90 each for twenty at-home applications compared to an average of $40.00 for each professional salon application. If you want to upgrade to the professional light kit, its still only $79.99 per kit!

Each kit includes all you need for the 4 step application and removal process, so you can get started right away. You’ll get:
-Prep Max adhesion Sanitizer
-Structure base coat
-Your choice of 1 of 36 LED nail polishes
-Brilliance Seal and Shine Top Coat
-Revitalize Nourishing Cuticle Oil
-Purify Pre and Post Application Cleanser
-Erase Gel Polish Remover
-Portable or Pro LED light

After talking with RCM about the system, one of their talented nail artists gave me this sexy ombre’ manicure featuring “Glitz and Glamorous” and “Black Stretch Limo” that I referred to as “naughty”. RCM is so easy to work with, you can have a little fun with layering and other creative techniques. I’ve gotten sooo many complements on my nails.
The generous RCM folks were kind enough to give me a portable light set of my own to play with, so I can’t wait to show you my next manicure!
Find more info on Red Carpet Manicure visit them at RedCarpetManicure.com, Facebook, or purchase at Ulta stores.

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