Induldge in Illamasqua’s Theatre of the Nameless (Pic Heavy)

I wrote a little about this before, but now you can get your hands on it! Illamsqua’s sultry Theatre of the Nameless collection is now available in Sephora stores and online. This collection is so special to the Illamasqua brand because it truly speaks to the brands heritage.

“Descend into the riotous scene of erotic adventure that is THE THEATRE OF THE NAMELESS, nocturnal den of the dissident leaders of underworld subcultures. Exotic dancers rub shoulders with expressionist actors and performers; nudists and Boot Girls openly compete for the Conférencier’s eye; and all participate in the Club’s endless, pleasure-seeking rituals, immersing themselves in a heady world of sensual delight … Teased by the sweet, pungent tang of opium, the air throbs with the electric shock of lovers’ flesh. Dare to feel the intensity of the club’s intimate caress, and abandon yourself to the glorious wonders of unfettered night-time make-up.

“Theatre Of The Nameless is a heady mixture of opulent hues, decadent pigments and fearless application. A bruised and burnished pallet that gives a sensual slip that bleeds colour into colour, worn through and kissed off.” — Alex Box, Illamasqua Creative Director
Infused with the essence of self-expression that transformed 1920s Berlin, this rich and indulgent collection envelops the senses. Darkly sophisticated tones are accompanied by shocks of dazzling iridescence, creating a breathtakingly modern interpretation of the most illicit nightlife in history.
It’s time to cross the threshold and embrace a world of unadulterated decadence …”
Illamasqua educator, Kim Anderson at a previous event

Illamasqua held an up close and personal preview to introduce some members of the press to the uniqueness of this collection. On hand was Illamasqua educator, Kim Anderson, to let us in on how we can use some of the products to create seductive looks for the Fall, and Andrea Helgadottir, who demonstrated a dramatic look inside of the equally dramatic Theatre Bar in NYC. I personally can’t wait to experiment with the collection and hope to share looks with you throughout the Fall. Stay tuned, and enjoy the images and info below…

The ambiance of the Theatre Bar, with art supplied by Illamasqua

Makeup Artist Andrea Helgadottir creating a dramatic look
The finished product

Product info and pictures…

Cream Pigment ($24.00 / £17.00)

  • Andorgen Coral
  • Depravity Magenta

Pure Pigment ($24.00 / £15.50)

  • Beguile Shimmering white pearl
  • Berber Auburn shimmer
  • Zeitgeist Shimmering black

Mascara ($ / £15.00)

  • Raven Midnight black

Precision Ink ($27.50 / £17.00)

  • Havoc Aubergine

Nail Varnish ($14.00 / £13.50)

  • Taint Stone brown
  • Kink Bottle green
  • Vice Deep cerise
  • Faux Pas Blue violet

Shimmer Blush ($24.00 / £16.50)

  • Ambition Neutral
  • Morale Rosed flush

Lipgloss ($20.00 / £13.00)

  • Facade Grey pink
  • Violate Dark green shimmer

Lipstick ($22.00 / £15.50)

  • Kontrol Blue violet

False Eye Lashes ($16.00 / £16.00)

  • Grandeur Fluttering, tapered elegance
  • Weimar Thick, long, luxurious blackened auburn

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