Sexy, Unique & Quirky – Fragrances from Juliette Has a Gun

Ever thought about getting someone perfume as a present, then nixed the thought, fearing it would be lame and expected? Here’s a line of fragrances that is neither. On the contrary, these fragrances will probably get you extra points for straying from the norm.

Juliette Has a Gun is the work of perfumer Robert Ricci. The great grandson of designer Nina Ricci and grandson of perfumer Robert Ricci, Romano teamed up with perfumery master Francis Kurkdjian to create this liberating collection of fragrances.

I first happened upon this line at C.O. Bigelow in new york. There, both the name and bottle design caught my initial interest. Here’s my best description of why this scents are so fun.

NOT a Perfume 
My favorite out of the bunch is called Not a Perfume. Its actually made out of a single element called Cetalox that is usually used as a back note in perfumery. Being one of Ricci’s favorite ingredients, he decided to let it shine all on its own. Curiously, you can’t really smell it on its own but when applied to the skin, it settles into an intoxicating, simple scent that I’d call euphoric. This is also great for those with allergies since its entirely allergen free. Perfection!

 Calamity J.
If you’ve ever been struck with the urge to wear men’s cologne, this is definitely the fragrance for you. Calamity J.  is a masculine fragrance that’s dedicated to women. The soft woody Patchouli top note blends with amber and iris to make for a sensual scent.

 Lady Vengeance
Not for the meek, this fragrance is for a woman with edge. Where this concoction of Bulgarian Rose, patchouli and vanilla when the occasion calls for an elegant, seductive scent. Your desires will be in your palm.

Miss Charming
Part of the description of Miss Charming reads “The perfume of a virgin, docile and provocative, elegant and sensual.” Wow. I think this is for the lady who has a flair for the dramatic. This Moroccan Rose, musk, and wild fruit mix settles into a light and complex scent that smells of tainted innocence. Or am I being dramatic too?

Citizen Queen
Glamorous Citizen Queen is a modern take on a classic perfume. Richly decadent, this scent is what is described as a Chypre. It’s rich, vintage aroma is a fragrance for the woman who possesses more than a few indescribable qualities.

This is definitely not the last you’ve heard of this line. Check out where you can find these fragrances for yourself. An absolute must smell!

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