Soleful Sundays: Kiboots

I heart stripes.

Fall is heeeere, and its now time to break out all the drool worthy boots for the season. That’s why I’m so excited to share Kiboots with you for this Soleful Sunday. I fell for Kiboots during their American debut at New York Fashion Week, and I think you may too.

Kiboots are handmade, eco-friendly boots made from original kilim rugs (flat woven rugs that serve as either decorations or prayer mats) and leather. The unique rugs are collected by the company’s founders Jovanna Kruitbosch and Martijn Lugtigheid. The end result: One-of-kind boots with endless possibilities for color and design. This patterns I’ve shown are just a sample of the kind of design you could have for your own pair.

I can see so many ways to work these adorable boots into my wardrobe. Their vintage, boho feel can add the perfect touch to an outfit. I think they are gonna be BIG so get on board before everyone and their grandma has a pair! I can’t wait to have a pair of my own. For more info visit

Happy Soleful Sunday!

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