Restore your hair’s virginity? Living Proof RESTORE review

 Hair care junkies listen up! The scientists at Living proof have just launched their latest line, Restore, and with it, they are determined to challenge the program for treating damaged hair.

Many of us put our hair through a lot torture everyday to get the styles we want. Coloring, heat styling, and manipulating our hair can lead to dryness and damage. And what do we do then? We try to cover it up with silicone laden products to try and hide it. Living Proof’s aim is to reverse that damage.

The damage we do to our hair removes the protective layer our hair began with and leaves it porous, rough, dull, stiff, and a host of other undesirable words. Yikes! And to make matters worse, the silicones we put on top of it leave hair feeling heavy and weighed down while building up each time we use them. That leads to excessive washing and an endless cycle.

That’s where Restore comes in. Restore is the first weightless solution that reduces the porosity of dry or damaged hair to make it look, feel and act like that virgin -yes virgin- hair you once had. Living Proof‘s moisture-controlling molecule, PolyfluoroEster, creates a lightweight protective layer, mimicking the natural layer that’s been stripped, reducing porosity by 100%, and increasing hairs strength. And the effects are lasting, weightlessly protecting hair from further damage.

What I thought about it
I tried this stuff out and I’m absolutely loving it. I have fine, yet super coily hair and this made detangling my hair a breeze. Getting out all the messes my hair gets into is usually the most stressful part of my routine. Restore has made that sooo much easier.

My natural hair completely dry after using Restore with no other products applied.

I used the entire line including Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask Treatment. I’m usually really picky about new shampoos and decided to try it anyway. It managed to leave my hair and scalp clean without stripping it. It’s all sulfate and paraben free, which is a big plus. The conditioner and mask treatment were like butter in my hair. I let it sit in the shower while I tended to other business and then washed it out. I applied no heat during the conditioning process.

Whether your hair is fine, thin, thick or coarse, you’ll want to give Living Proof’s Restore a try.
I’ll definitely keep using it and enjoying the results. You can purchase Restore at Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, Livingproof.com or just click on the banner below.

Prices: Shampoo 8 oz. $28
             Conditioner 8 oz. $28
             Mask Treatment 8 oz. $42

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