Health Focus Friday: Kimberly Snyder Decodes Your #1’s and #2’s

Yes, I know some of you don’t like to discuss your…bodily functions, but nothing makes for a pretty outside like a healthy inside. And what type of business you do on the potty, can be a big clue about what’s happening within your body. Healthy living guru, Kimberly Snyder, has put together an easy reference guide to your insides, so you can live your best. Enjoy, and happy Friday!!!

 Have you ever wondered if your poop looked “normal,” but were too embarrassed to ask anyone else what their poop looks like? Or has your pee ever smelled a bit putrid but you were too mortified to utter a word to your best friend, let alone your boy friend? Poop is an important part of health and affects your beauty, as everything in your body works as an interrelated system. Well don’t worry, because here is a guide to anything and everything you may have wondered about your pee, and yes, your poop.

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What is your poop and pee telling you
Source:What Your Poop and Pee Mean

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