Explore Masculine/Feminine with Kate Walsh’s “Boyfriend”

Kate Walsh just introduced her first foray into the fragrance world with her unique scent, Boyfriend. Inspired by her longing for the scent of an Ex, Walsh decided to create a fragrance reminiscent of a man, but minus the heartbreak.

“…I wasn’t interested in doing a fragrance to do a fragrance. Story for me is what drives everything — fashion, fragrance, all of it. I knew specifically what I wanted the fragrance to be — a nod to the boyfriend, his scent softened up on a gal’s skin…”

– Kate Walsh
Walsh sought to work with the best in the fragrance biz and the result is a concoction that combines rich notes of amber and woods with a vibrant floral scent. Hmm, just in time for those cold Winter nights ahead. Sigh.

Avialable at Sephora as an Eau de Parfum (50 ml $65.00), in the Deluxe BOYFRIEND Kit ($95.00) and more

Also available at HSN – Eau de Parfum and Body Crème Set ($65.00) Solid Perfume with Zippered Case ($44.95) “Love Potion” Perfume Spray ($89.95)

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