5 Gift ideas that your next party host will adore

Do you anticipate having a million and one holiday party invites on your social calendar this season? Here’s a little help if you want to bring something different to your next get together. After all, how many bottles of wine can one (non-hoarding) person store?

1. Vera Bradley Apron Box Gift Sets

Pander to your hostess’ domestic side with a Vera Bradley apron box set. She’ll get to play June Cleaver with these floral designs and the box can be used for recipes later.

$24 Verabradley.com
2. Ooey, Gooey, Carmel Sauce with Sea Salt & Mapl
Former TopChef competitor, Dave Martin knows a thing or two about comfort food. He created this decadent caramel sauce that combines sea salt and maple to make something addictive. And the complex flavor will tempt you to put it on a lot more than just dessert. 
$8.00 Chefdavemartin.com
3. Codigo Game Cube

This may not exactly be for your host, but it may help them out a bit. Bring this cute little QR code based cube along to your next party and you’ll have a fun, interactive game at your fingertips.

$9.95 Codigocube.com
4. Grandma Stelle’s Hand Wash and Hand Cream

You’ve gotta love a man who loves his grandma. The founder of Anthony Logistics For Men created this product to satisfy his Grandma Stelle’s need for non-greasy hand care. Adorable.
Hand Wash $20 Hand Cream $25 Anthony.com

5. Automatic Wine Opener

Let less inventive guests bring the wine. You can show up with this automatic rechargeable wine opener with it’s cutter built right in. One touch operation easily removes and ejects natural or synthetic wine corks. A single charge can open 50 wine bottles.
$49.99 from Brookstone

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