Rx for Brown Skin by Susan Taylor Info and Review

If you’re a woman of color (African descent, Middle Eastern, Asian, Latin, etc.) you may have noticed that you face a different set of obstacles when it comes to skin care. There’s the uneven skin tone, sensitivity, dark spots and so on. I’ve dealt with it all myself, so I was super excited to try out  Rx For Brown Skin, and to meet with its creator,  Dr. Susan Taylor, in person to hear about her products. The collection is Paraben, Alcohol, Propylene glycol, Dye, Lanolin, and Hydroquinone Free, ensuring you optimal skin health.

Rx For Brown Skin has been formulated by Dr. Taylor to help your complexion’s tone, reduce pigmented spots, and prevent adult acne. I’ve used prescription medications in the past, but they left my skin hypersensitive and dry. That hasn’t been my experience with Rx at all.  I’ve been using products from the line for a month or so, and I’ve really enjoyed how they work. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the products I’ve been using and my thoughts on them.

Gentle Cleanser for Normal Skin– This cleanser is really gentle and not drying to the skin. I hate that tight feeling after I’ve cleansed, and this is tightness free. Just a clean canvas.

Exfoliating Toner for Normal to Oily Skin – Contains glycolic acid to help remove dead cells. It also has Witch Hazel and Willow Bark so I still find it soothing and comforting. If you have any left over face gunk after cleansing, this will take care of it nicely.

Absolute Radiance Intensive Exfoliating Serum – A gentle way to exfoliate dead skin cells and illuminate your skin. No need to scrub. Key Ingredients –  MFA Complex to help boost skin cell renewal, Hyalauronic acid to hold in moisture, and Bright Skin Complex to deliver soy and pomegranate to help restore radiance. It has a feel that’s quite luxuriously. Glides on easy and doesn’t irritate my skin.

Naturally Flawless Advanced Botanical Brightener – This gem is key in fighting uneven skin tone. And it does it without harsh, nasty, ingredients like hydroquinone. Instead, this Brightener is full of goodies that reduce melanin production, inhibit the build up of pigment-causing cells, and reduce the appearance of dark spots. I find this product to be very light and easy to use with other products. You hardly know it’s there working it’s magic.

Age Block UV Shield SPF 15 – This one of the most important pieces in the collection. If you’ve ever suffered from a gray, ashy face after applying sunscreen, this is the answer to your prayers. This light lotion continues all the skin tone perfecting benefits of the rest of the line, and moisturizes to leave skin ready for the day. Contains goji, acai, and green tea to help slow the signs of aging. And no grey looking skin! Great for normal and oily skin.

Overall, this line has been a pleasure to use. I’ve noticed smoother softer skin while using it, and a reduction in inflammation as well. Those little red spots are held at bay. I also have the Rx Acne Spot treatment, but I’ve honestly had little use for it. I think I owe that to the rest of the line.

If you’d like to learn more about Rx For Brown Skin line and select your own products, visit www.rxforbrownskin.com

*Product sampling provided by Rx For Brown Skin

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