There’s still time!: 8 Gifts for men that are sure to stand out!

If you’ve spent all of this holiday season looking for the perfect guy gift, don’t fret! There’s still time to nab one of these gifts and come out looking like a genius.
1. Lands’ End Down Bathrobe ($149.50 Landsend.com)
If you know anyone who’s ever dreamed of wearing their bedding around the house, this is the ultimate gift. The geniuses at Lands’ End are offering this amazing down robe that gives the illusion that you’re still snuggled up in bed on a lazy day. Aaaaah! 

2. Joya Composition No. 6 Parfume Oil ($112 Joyastudio.com)
The intoxicating aroma of Composition No. 6 is only part of the charm this gift holds. It’s held in a striking ceramist designed vessel that would look dashing on any bedroom dresser. The application of this oil also makes the process of applying it more ritualistic. Just dip the stopper into the vessel and apply where desired.
3. Hampi Natural Pet Spa Dead Sea Mineral Dog Spa Gift ($73.95 $59.99 www.hampinaturalpetspa.com)
If your special guy has a canine best bud, this is a very special treat. This unique line uses dead sea mud to give dogs the experience of a lifetime. This mud, long known to be beneficial for human folks, helps relieve pups of skin conditions, soothes hot spots, provides relaxing aromatherapy, and makes brushing the coat effortless. Gosh these dogs have it good.
4. Nova Mini Portable Speaker by Tego Audio ($39.99 Tegoaudio.com)
This little guy is amazing! Just pop open this expandable (and rechargeable) speaker and voila! hours of full sound. Plug into a smartphone or iPad.
5. Joya Army Candle Project ($68 Joyastudio.com and select retailers)
This attractive, double-wick candle has been poured into a manly vintage British Army soap dishe marked 1945 . To add to it’s authentic rugged charm, they are then packaged in British DPM camouflage that has been tailored by hand in the size of a traditional handkerchief. Only 100 have been produced, and each fabric wrap is stamped and numbered. This item has been so popular it’s now sold out on the Joya website, but you can still contact these retailers to try and gift one. Vane Concept Store (New York, NY), Smith & Butler (Brooklyn, NY), By George (Austin, TX), Greenhaw’s (Little Rock, AR), Baxter Finley (Los Angeles, CA), Inventory Stockroom (Vancouver, Cananda), Edition (Tokyo, Japan).
6. Obol®, the Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl ($19.99 Brookstone online and in stores)
What is it with boys and cereal anyway? We may never know, but for now, you can at least upgrade their experience. This nifty little bowl keeps milk and cereal separated and crunchy until it’s time for them to unite in sugar-milk goodness. 

7. Yurbuds Iron Man Edition Earbuds ($59.99 Yurbuds.com)
Yes, everyone is walking around with huge designer earphones these days. Yes, it looks ridiculous trying to work out in them. If you know a guy loves to be connected while breaking a sweat, these revolutionary earbuds are ideal. What makes them so different? They never fall out! Plus, they come equipped with a “dry-mic” thats sweat and water resistant to ensure those really important…errr… conference calls, with his buddies are a breeze.

8. Texas Tamale Company (Prices vary www.Texastamale.com)
Well he needs something to work off now, doesn’t he? This company will delivered the tastiest tamales, chili, queso, and more, straight to your door. Their goodies are slap-somebody-good and they come straight from the home of Tex-Mex.

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