Forever 21 Spring Jewelry/Acessory Haul

It’s difficult to comprehend how F21 does it. Cheap is one thing, on trend is another. And they seem to be able to accomplish both with pretty good quality (if you’re selective). I’m sure this will be far from the last time I post a F21 haul this season, but here are some items I just picked up that are getting me in the mood for Spring.

Necklace $9.80
 If you’ve read a magazine lately, you’ll notice that neon is big. And while a whole wardrobe full of flourescent pieces may not be the way to go, you can easily get in on the hi-fi color rage with some well placed accessories. This necklace in statement making neon orange was a must have for me. This photo can’t even quite do it justice as far as impact goes. I’ve seen this necklace in other colors referred to as the F21 Glamorous necklace, but have only seen it in stores lately.

Earrings, $4.50 Also available in gold
If you like to shine with a little edge, these leopard (or jaguar?)  rhinestone earrings in silver do the trick.

Curb chain necklace $4.50, also available in gold

This silver curb chain necklace is heavy and pretty well made. Great for layering with other necklaces. I like this for making outfits a little edgier, but it can also go the classic route.

Sunglasses $5.90
What’s a sunny day without some coll sunglasses? I found these shades in taupe to be the perfect contrast for my dark skin. Not too light, but just enough. This color is a more modern take on the classic cat-eye shape that slims my round face so well.
I haven’t been able to find any of these items online lately, but they are in stores now, so hurry to F21 and grab them while you can!

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