Hurry! book your $50 treatments for SpaWeek Apr. 16-22

 It’s that time again. During Spa Week, spas all across the country offer their finest treatments for only $50!!! I small price to pay for a moment of wellness for yourself. This is it’s 16th year of sending millions to full service spas to get rubbed, scrubbed, and pampered.

“The benefits of the spa go far beyond an hour or two of relaxation. Spa Week Daily has been running a blog series on the miraculous work of Massage Therapists (the best job on earth!). Did you know that massage can help with migraines, insomnia, chronic pain and even cancer? During Spa Week, experience the vast benefits of Swedish massage, Thai massage, Asian massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, hot and cold stone massage, aromatherapy massage, combination/fusion massage, shiatsu… usually costing anywhere from $75 – $250, all at Spa Week’s signature $50 price point.”

And While you’re at it, enter to win the Spa Week “My Dream Spa Retreat” Pinterest contest

You have to visit SpaWeek.com to see the full list of paricipating cities and spas, but here’s just a small sampling:
90 Min Sudatonic Infrared Weight Loss Wrap, Wrapped in Wellness in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, TX

During this infrared wrap, decrease BMI, body fat and lose an average of 1-5 pounds in an hour. Rest cocooned in a European slimming blanket as Infrared Heat raises your core body temperature between 2-3 degrees. Infrared Rays stimulate fat cells, allowing them to release built-up toxins. As your body sweats, these toxins will be safely excreted. Burn up to 3600 calories, stimulate your metabolism  and experience a powerfully detoxifying treatment, perfect for those seeking to push through weight loss plateaus.

90 Min Detox Body Slimming Wrap, Spa Belle Vie – San Francisco, CA

This treatment safely stimulates body and tissue purification using Vitamin B3 – Niacin. As a result, body functions become stronger and more efficient, and established waste and toxins are eliminated. Great for these who are looking for cellulite reduction, skin firmness, or those who are experiencing low energy or headaches. On average 4-8 inches lost in one treatment while maintaining hydration. Inches lost are as a result of toxic waste being drawn from the tissues.  This is not a water loss treatment; therefore, the inches lost are more permanent when followed up with healthy eating and daily exercise. Recommend a series of 5 for optimal results.

75 Min Bamboo Medi-Pedi with Aqua Detox, Pointe Pleasant Wellness Spa, Wilton Manors, FL or a 50 Min Deluxe Pedicure with Ionic Detoxing Foot Bath – Sensia Salon & Spa, Visalia, CA

Along with the exfoliating results of the bamboo mani-pedi, the Aqua Detox will drain toxins from body through the feet. This treatment uses a small electro magnetic device that produces positive and negative charges in a saline bath water. This helps to rebalance and reestablish the bio-energetic fields of the body, allowing the body to release many of its toxins through pores on the feet. In an ionic detoxing foot bath, the a high level of negative ions utilizes principles of reflexology, ionization and osmosis, creating a positive cellular environment that helps the body eliminate toxins.

Colon Cleansing Hydrotherapy, Cleansing Concepts, Westbury, NY

Accumulated toxins may be absorbed into the system and over time may stress the organs of elimination which are the liver, kidneys, skin, and large intestine. The toxins move around and around in both the lymph system and blood, slowly causing auto-intoxication which then leads to disease. Many people likely have years of impacted waste material in their colon. When you begin the colon cleansing process through fasting, healthy eating or lifestyle changes, the waste materials begin to break down and move out. Colon hydrotherapy helps your body eliminate these toxins.

50 Min Arasys Slimming Treatment, Adara Spa, Boston, MA

Arasys is a microcurrent technology system that burns fat to build muscle. This treatment increases stamina to enhance sports performance, and results in effortless inch loss. It targets specific muscles for post pregnancy loose skin and visceral fat. It can help jump-start a gym regime. Overall, it detoxifies, oxygenates, and speeds up metabolism.

60 Min Tone Up, Lymphatic Drainage, Muscle Toning and Skin Tightening, Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary, New York, NY (A favorite spa of Rachel Weiss)

If you have 60 minutes, the “TONE UP” will shape your muscles, tone, lift and tighten your skin. It is like going to the gym without the strenuous exercise. The Tone Up uses microcurrent, delivered by self-adhesive rounds in problem areas, such as the thighs, buttocks or stomach, stimulating the area. The microcurrent jump-starts cell and muscle activity, stimulating the area, smoothing out cellulite, draining excess water, lifting, sculpting and shaping your muscles. Problem areas are visibly smoother after the treatment and not even exercise can produce such fast results. The results are cumulative, as with all microcurrent treatments. It is an innovative 21st century technology that some of their clients have dubbed “the body perfect treatment.”

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