D.I.Ynot: Chevron Makeup Brush Jars

I was on the verge of buying some boring black containers for my brushes when I recalled a tip I’d seen in a magazine. Can’t remember which. They had wrapped glass jars in pattered paper to make some fun containers. You can put whatever you like inside. Of course I chose makeup brushes and knick knacks. 
This is such an easy way to spice up a room or vanity area.  For my jars, I chose a few Ball mason jars. There was another type that had a straighter body, but i enjoyed the feminine curves of this version.

For the wrap design, I found a template online that lets you create chevron patterns in different colors. I’m obsessed with chevrons right now, so this was perfect for me. You can choose the same design or mix and match. And they are simple to change should you get the itch for something different. At $1 each for the jars, and the joys of a free printer, I was able to add flair to my dresser for just $3.

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