Forever 21 Jewelry Haul

I have a couple more great finds that I discovered at Forever 21 lately. I love it when pieces speak to me and these two necklaces definitely did that.

This intricate necklace is made of heavy, cobalt blue beads. I’m thinking they are probably glass because of their weight. The bright blue is a great compliment to the gold beading that accents the piece. The finish of the gold beads gives a worn, almost ancient quality to the necklace. This would shine against a white top or a flowing maxi. the price was about $9.80

This piece really stuck out for me, even it’s simplicity. I could imagine the pendant being an ancient symbol left be alien visitors in Africa. That’s where my mind goes anyway. And for $2.80 to boot.

If you have some great Jewelry/accessory finds you’ve found at Forever 21, please send them my way. I’d love to share them with everyone, and put you in the spotlight!

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