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Happy Earth Day: 4 products to make your life healthier and greener

Saving the planet is hard. Not to mention keeping your water and food clear of toxins. If it sometimes seems that incorporating greener, healthier products into your life is too much of hassle, I’ve got something for you. In honor of Earth Day, here are 4 products that can help you drink water, roast veggies, remove your makeup at night, and do your laundry without the heavy dose of chemicals.

1. Bakeware by USA Pan
Cooking up healthy treats in your oven (or naughty ones for that matter), can seem not so good for you if you’re cooking with pans coated in potentially harmful coatings. USA pans are instead coated with Americoat© Plus, a clear silicone non-stick surface that is eco friendly. This allows you have a chef preferred baking surface, without the risk of nasty PTFE’s or PFOA’s. I’ve been using my USA Pan for months to cook everything from fish and veggies, to cookies. Nothing sticks! And even better, the pans are super economical. I’ll definitely be buying more.

2. Takeya glass water bottles
Drinking lots of water is a must if you want to keep your skin and body looking great. These sleek pure glass water bottles keep your water fresh and free of toxic chemicals like BPA. Each bottle is wrapped in a silicone jacket for a soft grip, providing you with a variety of color options. Definitely one of the chicest ways to get in those 8 glasses a day. Buy yours.

3. Household products by ECOVER
ECOVER produces eco-friendly products to clean your home, laundry, even your dishes with plant and mineral based ingredients. They boast powerful results and are green down to the plant based packaging they come in. I fell for their Natural Fabric Softener. It’s scented with a natural, fresh fragrance, with the thicker texture that some eco fabric softeners miss the mark on. A great choice if you have sensitive skin. Buy yours.

4. Bum Boosa Bamboo Baby Wipes
These wipes made from renewable bamboo are alcohol, paraben, and sulfate free. They are soft and gentle for delicate skin, and scented naturally with lavender, sweet orange, and soothing calendula. Bum Boosa Wipes are perfect for moms wanting a greener alternative for, and even for women looking for a natural makeup remover wipe. Use any way you would use conventional baby wipes. Also, check out their bamboo bathroom tissue and diaper rash ointment.

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