A preview of the new [R]evolution brushes by Royal & Langnickel

 Kevin James Bennet has teamed up with Royal & Langnickel to bring makeup brushes to the next level with [R]evolution. Kevin, an Emmy award winning makeup artist, has put together a 32 pieces set of precision tools constructed from cutting edge materials. Each brush head is made of DuPont Natrafil fibers, which so closely mimic the best natural hairs, you won’t believe they’re synthetic. 
Revolution’s range of brushes can handle all professional needs
Not only do the brushes preform to a superior level, but they also have an eye-catching design. [R]evolution’s handles are made of molded, high impact acrylic and coated in a rubberized “soft touch” finish. 
Royal & Langnickel were kind enough to gift a few of these new brushes at their launch party, for us to try for ourselves. Getting one in my hands, I was definitely able to feel and see the quality. The craftsmanship is impressive. Can’t wait get these in my makeup routine.

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