New TIGI Hair Reborn – Find your hair Journey

OK, hair product lovers, the hair geniuses from Tigi have something to exciting for you. Utilizing their exclusive Hyper-Distillation technology, Tigi is now able to deliver the finest ingredients in their purest, most potent, form. The collection is called Tigi Hair Reborn, and they opened up the TIGI Academy in Soho NYC to show off their latest achievement.

A Journey of Resurgence for Dry Hair
Get up to 400% more hair hydration with Hyper-Distillation technology and a MicroMarine compound of sea kelp, aloe, babassu oil, and green tea polyphenols. It’s high lipid content targets dry hair and helps replinish lost lipids for moisturisation that’s weightless.

A Journey of Serenity for Frizz-Prone Hair
Seriseal Silk Protein acts as a mesh between the fibers of hair, binding the cuticle for
heightened manageability.

A Journey of Awakening for Weak, Damaged Hair
ProLipid3, a complex of Keratin, Keravis, and Babassu Oil, helps rebuild prtein deep within the hair strand and protects from future damage.

Finish Your Journey

Mold, Texturize, and Lusterize your hair with a selection of products to style your newly nurtured locks.

Tigi Models
A look inside the TIGI Academy
I was able take home my own customized journey mix of:
Deep Restoration Shampoo and Conditioner
Repartive Nocturnal Therapy
Time Extend Moisture Lotion
Smoothing Texture Refine Masque
Resurfacing Lusterizer
Restorative Illuminoil
Texturizing Souffle
These products were slected for me to meet my specific hair needs. My hair is naturally textured, very coily, pretty fine, with high potential to become dry and dull. I also have started to straighten my hair occasionally.
Whatever your journey your hair needs to go on, TIGI Hair Reborn has you covered. Head over to to get even more information about the product range, and what direction is right for you.

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