Surviving (And Thriving) on The South Beach Diet

In January of this year, I decided I need to lose weight. It wasn’t a resolution thing. It was more of a I got on the scale one day and freaked the heck out kind of thing. A coworker told me she had lost a large amount of weight on the South Beach Diet, so I took the leap and bought the book.

Five months later, and I’m about 20 pounds lighter and happier. It’s not that weight and happiness are always connected, but personally, I felt like me again. Not someone’s idea of what me should be. I likely could have lost even more weight by now if it weren’t for stalls and being a little loose with the plan at times. But the beauty of it all is, I still lost the weight and reaped the benefits that come with that.

Now, my reason for bringing this all up. If anyone out there is on this same journey, it can be intimidating, but there are some foods that were lifesavers and kept me on track. Some I got from the book (yes you have to read the book!) and some I found along the way. I’ll be posting my tips and favorite foods as time goes on. I’ll let you know which ones are super on plan and if any veer off a bit. Please ask me any questions you may have. I’m no expert, but I can share what I do know about surving the South Beach Diet.

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  1. Don't beat yourself up about the slip-ups. The thing I loved most about SBD was that if I felt like I screwed up, I could just do phase 1 for a bit to even it out. You can always get back on track. Good luck! Hope you enjoy the series.

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