Surviving the South Beach Diet: Greek yogurt and Crunchies Freeze Dried Fruit

My current favorite, Cinnamon Apple Crunchies

Snacking is Essential
Having a good snack between meals is essential to success on The South Beach Diet. They not only help keep you satiated between meals, but they also help to keep your metabolism running at optimal speed. I’ve turned to plain Greek yogurt as a snack after breakfast and lunch, but it can sometimes leaving me wanting for more taste wise. If you’re still in phase 1, I recommend sticking with Truvia if you want to up the flavor. If you’re a phase 2 SB’er like me, then here’s a tip to add so much fruit flavor, you won’t call plain yogurt plain anymore.

Cinnamon Apple Crunchies in plain Greek yogurt
Just grab a cup of your favorite plain Greek yogurt (They usually come in 6oz. containers) and add in some Crunchies Freeze Dried fruit. Crunchies are made through a unique process where water is removed, leaving pure, crunchy, fruity goodness. There are absolutely no added sugars or nasties. I just drop them in my yogurt, let it sit for a minute to let the yumminess intertwine, and voila. A practical snack is turned into a delicious treat. I was amazed at how flavorful they were. And it’s a lot more convenient than carrying around a bruised piece of fruit in your bag. You can even snack on them straight out of the pack if you’re on the go. For the moms and students out there, this is a super easy healthy snack solve.
Some Crunchies facts:
No sugar added
No Preservatives
Gluten/Wheat Free
Kosher Certified
Approved by Weight Watchers
Fat free fruits; low fat veggies
Less than 100 calories per serving
Crunchies have a 24-month shelf life and are in re-sealable bags so they stay
fresh after being opened.

My current favorite is Cinnamon Apple, but there are many other Crunchies to love like mango, blueberry, strawberry, pineapple and more. Not to mention the vegetable versions! Hmm. My favorite may change by next week. Check them out at

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