Modcloth Stylish Surprise Haul

I absolutely cannot resist a mystery bag. It’s like an itch I have to scratch. And when i found out that Modcloth was having their Stylish Surprise mystery item promo again, I had to get one (or two). The deal goes like this. You pay $15, pick your size, and you will be sent a clothing item up worth up to $200 or so. You don’t know what you’ll get, and I’m sure most items aren’t in the $200 range, but the mystery of it all is oh so exciting. I ordered two and here’s what they sent…

The first was a lacey romper with a bit of stretch. Rompers were not on my list of things to wear. Ever. But once I styled it with a little Jewelmint, a thin leather belt and a denim vest, it seemed very doable and really comfortable. Just gotta watch out for that infamous romper crotch pull. Yikes!
I’ve been into maxi skirts lately, and while I may not have chosen this flowy, high-waisted version on my own, I think its pretty cool. I just paired it with a simple vneck tee and tied the bow in front. The bow can also be moved around or removed all together, so you can add a belt of your own. 
Overall I’m pretty happy with my surprises.They may be out of my comfort zone, but that’s what happy surprises are all about. Next time time this promotion happens, I’ll try my best to post it right away, but be warned, they sell out quickly, so you can’t dilly-dally.
Not a Modcloth shopper yet? You can click this link to get $10 of your $50 dollar purchase. Enjoy!

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