Curvy Kate Crowns First US Star in a Bra. Buxom Babes rejoice!

 “The time for a beautiful, busty, body revolution is now and I am very prepared to lead us all to victory.” 
 – Krista Cousins    

The votes poured in and have been counted. U.K. based lingere brand, Curvy Kate has named their first Star in a Bra contest winner! Krista Cousins of New York beat out her fellow adorable contestants to be the 1st U.S. ambassador for the Curvy Kate brand.

Out of hundreds of entries, Krista, a full time nanny, rose to the top and will now join the Curvy Kate team as the U.S. Face and Body of the brand. That includes leading a marketing campaign with flights to the U.K., appearing in CK’s seasonal catalog, joining other Star in a Bra winners overseas, AND  the part I’m most jealous of: Krista has won a year’s worth of lingere in her new size, 30GG!
Krista’s bubbly personality makes me so excited for her and the Curvy Kate team. And in case you’re wondering just how cute she is, check out her top 10 vote parody video below, and don’t forget to visit to locate all the boutiques that sell their curve loving lingere. Let the curvy girl revolution begin!

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