My Influenster Spring 2012 Summer Beauty Vox Box

I’ve been an Influenster member for just a few months now, and I was lucky enough to receive my second VoxBox in a row. My first box, the Spring Beauty VoxBox, was pretty darn great, so I was definitely excited to receive the Summer edition. Let’s get into it so you can see what goodies I received this time! I’ll give you the official description, and my first thoughts.

HAWAIIAN TROPIC SILK HYDRATION LOTION SUNSCREEN (1st thoughts: This smells so delicious and glides on the skin without any chalky remains. Very important for my dark skin)
Beautiful, silky smooth skin is a woman’s greatest asset in the summer and we couldn’t think of a better product to showcase it other than the new Hawaiian Topic Silk Hydration lotion sunscreen. The breakthrough dual ribbon hydrating formula infused with luxurious silk protein and rich Shea Butter combines skin nourishment and sun protection into one amazing product. It goes beyond the typical sunscreen, providing continuous 12-hour moisture. Shielded by its broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, your skin stays soft and looks radiant! It’s tropical fragrance stimulates your senses for the ultimate sun-in experience.

TAMPAX & ALWAYS RADIANT COLLECTION (1st thoughts: Some of the items look like redesigned versions of regular products. The pantyliner construction does look intriguing though.)
Stay confident and protected with the all-new Radiant Collection featuring designer packaging and wrappers that compliment any girl’s unique style. For the first time, Tampax and Always have teamed up to create a new, stylish collection of tampons, pads, liners, and wipes that meet all of a woman’s feminine care needs. To keep things under wraps, the tampons are packaged in re-sealable wrappers allowing for easy disposal and invisible protection. Absorbent and flexible pads with Infinicel provides outstanding protection that won’t compromise your personal style. Included is a stylish wristlet to store all of your feminine goodies.

SALLY HANSEN MAGNETIC NAIL COLOR (1st thoughts: I received this item in the blue shade, Iconic Indigo. Looks like a great shade so far and the magnet looks like it should be easier to use than some others on the market.)
Textured, special effects nails are big news this summer and the ultimate fashion accessory that is sure to be the life of any party. Get the wow factor with a revolutionary polish that lets you create gorgeous 3-D nail art effects in just seconds using the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color. This unique formula has been specially infused with metallic particles to create a high impact design when exposed to magnetic forces forming a pattern secretly hidden for an astonishing finish. The polish is available in 8 different shades and dries quickly for instant attraction!

QUAKER SOFT BAKED BARS BANANA NUT BREAD (1st thoughts: I pretty much ate this right away. Delish! And I love that it can be microwaved for a warm morning treat.)
Want the perfect treat for your taste buds without comprising your beach body you worked all year long for? Look no further than the Quaker Soft Baked Bars that are jam packed with tasty ingredients and key nutrients to jump start your day in under 150 calories! Lightyears beyond your normal cereal bar, each Quaker Soft Baked Bar looks and tastes like something you’d pick up at your local bakery-minus the guilt! Packed full of flavor and made with real fruit and nuts, these bars comes in two delicious varieties – Cinnamon Pecan or Banana Nut Bread.

SALLY HANSEN NAILS AND CUTICLES HAND CREME (1st thoughts: Not as rich as I expected, but it did leave my cuticles looking moisturized. Which means a lot coming from the reigning hang-nail queen)
For ultra smooth and healthy looking hands and fingernails, try using Sally Hansen Nails and Cuticles Hand Creme. Smooth over cuticles to build stronger nails with its special formula infused with Shea Butter providing 24 hours moisture that nourish, condition, and protect your hands and nails. Its active moisture Complex formula with Ceraminds designed to lock in nutrients so hands maintain their ideal moisture is fast absorbing, non-greasy and last through hand washings.

 I also received one extra!

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy (1st thoughts: Interesting idea, but I tread lightly when it comes to new shampoo/conditioner, and this one contains sulfates. It does smell nice though.)
The search for strong, beautiful hair is finally over. Introducing CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™, a new line of shampoos and conditioners that will change the way women care for their hair. 99% percent of hair’s natural strength and beauty comes from the scalp. For years women have been treating the ends of their hair, rather than the source — the scalp. One small change like feeding scalp* can make a big difference.
NEW CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ is available in a range of six shampoos and five conditioners to meet different scalp and hair needs. The line is infused with Nutrum 10TM technology, a rich blend of vitamins and nutrients. CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ nourishes the scalp, and creates the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair from root to tip. CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ gives women stronger**, more beautiful hair in just 7 days.

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