My Awesome/Questionable Housing Works Thrift Haul

Let me preface this post by saying I’m a begining thrifter. I’ve experimented here and there, but I have a tendency to get excited about odd finds and buy them for unexplained reasons. A couple of weeks ago I visited the Housing Works Buy the Bag Sale. And while I’m by no means experienced in this subject, I’m almost positive it’s the most hardcore type of thrifting out there. Bear with me. It’s hard to explain without pictures. Housing Works is an awesome organization that runs thrift shops throughout NYC and gives the proceeds to individuals living with AIDS. They’ve become known for their warehouse sales at their Queens warehouse, now known as Buy the Bag sales.

First you stand in line earlier to get a good spot. The sale officially opens at 11a.m., but if you buy a $5 Power Hour ticket in advance, you can line up for 10a.m. entry. You begin by walking (or running) into a warehouse packed with huge bins full of donated goods. The next hours are spent sifting through the clothes, bags, etc. to find thrifting gold. About 30 mintues in, the floor is covered in clothes. You’ll be sweating and wading knee deep on mountains of unidentified fabric. I know, it sounds like your worst nightamre, but its actually a lot of fun outside of all the hard work (Geez it’s hot in there). Shout out to Brandheyeze of for the tips.

So in the midst of all the clothes tossing and golden egg hunting, this is what I managed to walk out with. What do you think?

 1.) Vintage-looking leather brief case thing – I see a DIY project in this bag’s future. Still pondering it though.
2.) A pair of high waisted Lee jeans in an early 90’s type wash- I’ve already cut this into shorts!
3.) Custo Barcelona metallic jacket thing- I think I can work with this.
4.) Members only jacket in multi-colored pastels- Thinking of what to do with this.
5.) Vintage (80’s) Pelican sweater – I swear I will wear this one day. It’s so weird it’s amazing?
 6.) Jcrew belt.
7.) Funky vest with random weird things on it.
8.) Zara tunic thing that’s too small for me.
9.) Dress type object 
 10.) The golden egg in the bunch – A Helmut Lang purse!

I’m looking forward to going on more thrifting adventures, and sharing my finds. This Saturday is the last Buy the Bag sale for the Summer, while the organization decides how they will proceed with sales in the future. You can still stand in line early for the 11a.m. general entry though. Make sure you visit for more information on how you can score a bag full of goods and donate to a great cause.

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  1. #judgingyou

    But I'm a new thrifter so I understand.

    Before I began thrifting (just one month ago) did intentory. I went through each item in my closet: clothes, shoes, jewelry, hats, belts, scarves, purses and selected things to give away.

    I also removed all the items that need repairs (hems, buttons, upcycling) and put them in a separate area.

    Then I made a list of the items that I want: silver shoes, yellow shirt, chunky black necklace, etc. So when I go thrifting, I look for specific items. I know many blogs advise NOT to do it, but it works best for me. I go looking for an orange skirt. If they have it in my size YAY, if not, I go down the rest of my list.

    I thrift once each week and limit my budget to $5 (I go on half off day).

    I try not to buy anything that I can not wear the same day. This alleviates me from buying diy projects that I will never get to.

    So on the days I don't thrift, I take my clothes to the swap meet seamstress to get them repaired or fix small things like buttons and tears myself.

    Just some ideas to help.

    BTW I actually love the quirky sweater too. I think it would make a fab sleeveless one shoulder crop top.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I'll be working on my thrifting game and maybe I'll be a pro by the Winter. Feel free to share your favorite shops!Or email them to me secretly 🙂

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