Kett Liquid Metals in Iron Maiden & Purple Haze

The search never ends for effortlessly blendable eye color. At least for me it doesn’t. In that search I picked up a couple of Kett Cosmetics’ Liquid Metals  at the Makeup Show NYC. With just a quick hand test, I was truly amazed at how they applied.

Iron Maiden (L) Purple Haze (R)

Know that a little bit goes a long way. Just a dab of the liquid is all you need to dip your brush and apply to your lid. No primer necessary. Shake the bottle well before opening, and once you squeeze out a drop you’ll already see the beauty in this dimensional formula. The colors are indeed metallic, but you can maximize or minimize the shimmer to your liking. Looks like something from Star Trek if you ask me.

Kett Liquid Metal in Iron Maiden with a touch of liner at the lid base

One of the things that I love most about the Liquid Metals is that they are very easy to blend after applied, weather you use an airbrush, fingers, or traditional brush (my preferred method). They play well with other products, and allow for buildable color that will remain crease free all day. Aaah, beauty harmony
Price: $11.50 for 15ml @

*All items shown above were purchased by me

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