The Genius Files: WOW Jewelry Hangers

Picture this. You have a slew of killer accessories that you fully intend to wear as soon as you get around to it. But in the midst of the morning rush, that necklace you had to have and that pair of earrings you sold your soul for…gets forgotten in the shuffle. Sound familiar? If so, this just may be the solution to your problems. WOW Jewelry Hangers.

This is one of those inventions that make you slap yourself for not thinking of it first.
The durable felt and mesh WOW hangers can easily be hung on a wall, door or in a closet, to let all your pretty things really get a chance to shine. Since I’ve been using them,
it’s been soooo much easier to put together looks on a whim. I see the jewelry, so I wear it. That simple. 

To give you a clue as to what my jewelry usually looks like.
Much improved thanks to the WOW Hanger

WOW hangers available:
Necklace Hanger- Holds 12-24 necklaces
Earring Hanger- Holds 50+ pairs of earrings
Katelyn Combo Hanger (pictured above)- Holds 2-24 necklaces and 20 earrings
Vertical Hanger- Holds bracelets, rings, scarves belts, hats, ties, and more
So now that I’m getting my necklace and earring situation under control, I have another project in the wings: Operation Organize all these Friggin Bracelets with the WOW vertical hanger. Wish me luck!
Price: $4.95-$24.95 @ wowhanger.com

*My WOW hangers were supplied by the company for evaluation. 
The awesomeness that ensued, however, was not solicited.

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