Guest Post: Fergie recaps the Heineken Serve Event

The swanky scene at Heineken Serve
 Meet Fergie, the latest addition to the CPW team. We’ll give her a full intro later, but for now, here’s her first guest post and a telling insight into her hilarious personality.
                     The latest CPW team member, Fergie! (@SeeFergie)
Summer is Officially Over. I’ve have been sitting on these articles for days and I am
certain that Confessions of Product Whore is going to fire me! Anyway, let’s get into
it while I have these last few lines of my life!

These past few days, we have seen the end of summer approaching. Summer is my
favorite time in life. I start off in May with a trip to Martha’s Vineyard with CPW, the
rest of the summer is filled with rooftop parties, beach visits, and trips in and out of
the country as well as impromptu house parties. The most recently attended event
representing for CPW was the Heineken Serve Event at PhD in Dream Hotel.

                    CPW Editor, Jonique

Heineken is known for their parties and secret concerts. If you know someone and
can get in, you’re good money! I just so happened to be good money, thanks to an
industry friend of mine. The Serve was celebrating the beginning of the US Open
in New York City. In attendance were the who’s who of The City’s ad agencies,
bloggers, journalists, and tastemakers. You enter the hotel, come down a small
corridor, check in with security and get whisked up to the 12 th floor via a private
elevator. The doors to the all glass enclosed evaluator open and there was a wall of
tennis balls. There were waitresses passing hor’derves and every type of Heineken
you can think of.

The Heineken master brewer Franck Evers taught the crowd how to properly pour beer. 
The Bryan Brothers were in attendance, taking pictures and flashing their 
gorgeous smiles. Also Olympians Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells were flashing 
their medals from London. I have other ideas about the women, but glad to see they 
are getting the press they want and have been asking for 
(you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym).

The night was topped off by every genre of music, the DJ, although I don’t remember
his name, had the whole club rocking. I’m talking folks standing on couches,
screaming lyrics. The best part about it, my friends were there! I love Heineken, it’s
my favorite beer, but what I love most about the brand, they know how to throw one
hell of a party. So next time you hear about a Heineken Event … 

RSVP ASAP! You won’t want to miss it.

‘Til next feature CPW Readers, it’s been real!


Ps. Did I mention the last Heineken concert I went to Kanye West performed … 

yeah enough said.

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