Upgrade Your Jewelry Collection Instantly with Blinguard

This is one of those products that you get excited about because it simply works. 

And works well. It’s called Blinguard, and it will let you wear your current jewelry 
collection in a whole new way. Blinguard is a line of jewelry protectors that keep your 
rings and earrings in place and secure. 
They currently offer two items: Blingdots and Blingwraps.

Blingguard CEO, Jenny A. Moore

Blingdots – Disposable dots that adhere to the back of your ears to support and stabilize your favorite earrings. They allow you to wear heavier earrings without the strain to your 
ear lobes and that ugly floppy earring look. Their memory foam composition prevents your earrings from falling out and having that constant worry that you’ll lose one. I have earrings that were too heavy and didn’t look attractive when I wore them. When I wear them with Blingdots, the earrings look the way they were meant to. No sagging or drooping! They just sit pretty and stay put.

Blingwraps – Invisible ring guards that provide a little bit of thickness and texture 
to prevent rings from turning or falling off. They are discreet on all skin tones so all 
anyone will see is your fabulous jewels. Both are hypoallergenic and latex free for those 
with sensitive skin. One of my favorite rings (above) would usually flop to the side on my smaller fingers. Blingwraps allow it to sit up in place and not fall off, no matter how much 
i move my hands.

Hint: If you’re giving someone a jewelry gift or received a new engagement ring, 
this the perfect compliment. Keep that jewerly in place!

Now that you’ve seen the results, it’s time to guard your jewelry! 
Blingguards are currently available at BlingGuard.com at $14.99 for 45 pairs of 
Blingdots and $14.99 for 30 blingwrap bands. 

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