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3 Great Looking Home Buys that do stuff too!

Simply staring at great design is often enough. Basking in it’s glory.
But when great design provides great functionality too, well that’s just perfect.
Here are 3 items you’ll be wanting to add to your home soon that have the workings
to back up their good looks.


Behold the VTech LS6195 Retro Phone. Now I’ll admit, I hadn’t had a land line telephone
in years before meeting this beauty. But when I saw it, I knew it was special. Sleek styling, combined with key retro design cues produce jaw dropping results. Plus it has all the bells and whistles you expect from VTech. The cordless handset rests face down in that oh-so-classic way, while rotary-style numbers on the base really bring home that nostalgic feel. And of course, you also get exceptional call clarity and a bevy of customizable features. 
Also available in White, Red, Aqua and Orange

$59.95 (black) $54.95 (other colors)


Take a gander at the new “Source” soda maker from SodaStream. This masterpiece designed by Yves Behar, makes you not even care about what it does. But sure enough, the attractive unit takes the idea of the original SodaStream soda maker, and redesigns each element with spectacular elegance. New features such as a “snap-n-lock” mechanism for easy bottle insertion and removal, a touch responsive top panel, and an LED display to show carbonation strength, take the SodaStream idea to great heights. Everything else on your counter space will be green with envy.

“Source” will be available in the 4th quarter of 2012 
starting at $99 for the basic version.
Visit the SodaStream Source page for more info.


Cute is the first thing that may come to mind when seeing this happy little cube. But this adorable box is anything but a toy. Use your smartphone to set up the Berg Little Printer and it will gather news, puzzles, and the skinny on your friends to create sort of a mini newspaper for you. Birthdays, sports scores, to-do lists and more can be ready for you before you walk out the door. Just subscribe to your favorite info and the Little Printer 
will have it waiting at the press of a button. And don’t worry about running out of ink. 
Little Printer uses inkless thermal printer technology to provide you with all those well 
designed nuggets of knowledge.

Now available for preorder from the Berg Website
First run ships in mid-October 2012 for $259 US

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